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The Sugar Engineers Home | About us | Engineering Guides | Rapid Design | Material Properties | Whats New | Contact | | Use of 3CR12 in the Sugar Industry 3CR12 is a weldable, structural, corrosion resistant steel containing a nominal 12% Chromium. 3CR12 was originally developed as an alternative material of construction to […]

Growing Agrifood in Africa with Machinery

Agrifood in Africa with Machinery

RESULTA IN 2019 AFRICA OUTLOOK MAGAZINE The future of Africa’s food manufacturing sector is looking bright due to rising disposable incomes and an expanding population. However, to remain competitive like Feronia, companies need better food processing facilities and infrastructure, says Eric Juncker, MD of Resulta Exporters said in the 2019 Africa Outlook Magazine. Over the past years, […]

African Dairy Sector, The Next Big thing

African Dairy Sector

When it comes to the future of Africa’s economy, its food, dairy and agri-processing sectors will be key drivers, a situation which is fuelled by a growing population. By 2050, the global population will expand by 2.2 billion people, a UN report shows. Half of that growth will occur in Africa. Fact is that these […]

Client Conference

In April 2018, Resulta Exporters hosted a dozen clients from Africa and Europe at its offices in Stellenbosch. The 5-day gathering featured a one-day conference, factory tours, and a meet and greet with the team and partner PROFEA. The aim: connecting with clients on a face-to-face basis, showcasing Resulta’s latest projects, and providing delegates with the opportunity […]

Feronia Releases 2017 Financial Results

Agricultural and palm oil company Feronia Inc, one of Resulta’s long-standing clients, has released its very optimistic audited financial results for the year ended December 31, 2017. “We take great pride in what we have accomplished in 2017,” said the business’ CEO Xavier de Carnière in a recent statement. “We have achieved a 31% production […]