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Water Cooling, Water Treatment & Heat Exchangers

Water Cooling

Resulta offers an extensive range of cooling towers, both open and closed circuit. Our cooling towers are typically induced draft, but we can supply forced draft units too. Please contact us for more information on our water cooling towers and other fluid and water.

Water Treatment

Most factory processes require large amounts of water. Our water treatment systems process wastewater from various sources (sewage, industrial waste, etc) and turn it into water that can be reused within your factory or even for human consumption (villages, hospitals, schools etc.) management equipment.

Heat Exchangers

Resulta supplies a range of fluid and water management equipment, including standardised heat exchangers (plate pack, welded plate, plate & shell, tube & shell, spiral) as well as various custom type heat exchangers that meet your specific requirements.

Water Cooling, Water Treatment & Heat Exchangers