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Tankers, Wagons, Rails and Winch Systems


Resulta is a leading tanker supplier in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa. The tankers we provide our clients, whom work in a variety of industries, are usually dedicated road freight trailers with tanks fitted onto them. These tanks are specifically designed to transport any product, including liquids, and can be customised to meet your requirements.


The wagons Resulta supplies, are used across the African continent – from mining to palm oil production. Our wagons tend to be used to transport large quantities of heavy produce to, between and within manufacturing and processing locations of one company. They are cost-effective and durable, capable of doing any job.



Besides being a renown tanker supplier in South Africa, and a reputable provider of wagons and winch systems, we suply our clients durable rail systems. These are used to move a line of wagons with product throughout a processing plant or factory, or between various locations. Resulta’s rail systems are typically 15kg/m, with a 600mm gauge.

Winch Systems

The winch system Resulta sources for and supplies to its clients are used to extract a row of wagons out of a horizontal sterilizer. Our winches and winch systems, like all our entire range of product transport engineering equipment, are durable and cost-effective.